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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Birmingham for your vehicle?


Having the wheels of your car properly balanced is a vital requirement for modern-day driving. Any imbalance can hinder the overall performance of the vehicle and cause issues like uneven tyre wear. Therefore, we advise you to get your car’s wheels inspected on a routine basis.

What is wheel balancing?

The process of equalising the weight of the tyre and wheel assembly in coordination is known as wheel balancing Birmingham. This procedure begins with putting the wheel on an electronic wheel balancing machine and spinning the wheel. This is advanced equipment that determines the area with less or more weight.

Once the experts identify a defected area, they add or remove weight. All new tyres fitted are balanced free of charge.

Benefits of Wheel Balancing

Increased comfort and safety: A balanced set of wheels works significantly to enhance driving comfort as it ensures smooth motion of tyres.

Reduced tyre wear: Unbalanced wheels are a major reason for tyres to wear out before time. If a customer seeks to improve his/her car’s tyre life, they must get an expert wheel balancing service in Birmingham.

Increased fuel-efficiency: Balanced wheels help your engine to incur less stress and consume less fuel.

Risks of driving on Unbalanced wheels

      • Vibration through the steering wheel
      • Increased tyre wear and reduced tyre life
      • Additional replacement costs if tyres are not balanced
      • Increased braking distances and inefficient tyre performance
      • Risk of spreading the damage to other parts of the vehicle

The best auto-garage to get wheel balancing birmingham

Our garage, Rikfit Autocentre, is committed to serving our customers through the best experts and products in the automotive industry. Other than wheel balancing, we also provide puncture repair, MOT testing, car servicing, etc.

For more information, email to us, at autocentre@rikfit.com. Customers can also reach to us, at 0121 451 1132.

If you are looking to book a wheel balancing Birmingham service for your car, enter your car’s registration no. or make and model, and engine type in our service booking application. The application is available on our wheel balancing section on the website.

We hope to see you soon. Happy Driving!

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