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In a full car service, 68 key components of a vehicle are inspected. In general, automotive experts recommend getting a full service after 12 months or 12,000 miles. Also, regular servicing is essential to ensure optimum working conditions for a car. Another added advantage of getting a full car service Birmingham is that it enhances the fuel-efficiency of a vehicle. This happens because serviced components put less stress on the engine and save more fuel.

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Customers in Birmingham can always put their faith in Rikfit Autocentre for providing them with excellent car services.

What does a full car service mean?

The process of inspecting and replacing some crucial components of a vehicle like engine oil and oil filter, lights, tyres, exhaust, suspension, steering components etc is known as full car service Birmingham. All of these components are serviced to ensure the utmost safety and comfort on the road. Generally, auto-garages take up to four hours to service a vehicle with normal working conditions. However, this time may vary depending on the car's condition.

Also, in case a vehicle needs to replaced because of an accident, insurance companies use the service record to determine the pre-accident value of the car.

Advantages of getting a full car service

Increased performance: Servicing ensures proper flow, and coordination of engine and suspension with the wheels. This ensures a smoother driving experience and enhanced performance.

Enhanced car life: Regular car servicing is important to maintain the health of the vehicle and improve its overall life as well.

Improved safety: A serviced car is less likely to incur any problems like imbalance in wheels, engine failure or loss of control. Therefore, one must service his/her vehicle to improve his/her safety.

Increased resale value: A properly serviced car with a regular service record helps to increase the resale value of the vehicle.

Risks of driving an unserviced car

    • Potential reason to fail the MOT test (because full car service rectifies any minor issue that might become the reason for a failure in the MOT test)
    • Reduced car life and resale value
    • Increased fuel consumption and carbon emissions
    • Vehicle breakdown is more likely

Birmingham's best garage to get car servicing

Rikfit Autocentre is Birmingham's best garage to opt for a variety of car services. Our trained experts work very hard to provide you with a reliable full car service Birmingham.

For more information, you can reach us, at autocentre@rikfit.com. Moreover, you can also book an appointment by visiting our website and entering your vehicles registration number and preferred service date.

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