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Uniroyal Tyres

    Properly installed tyres offer excellent comfort and performance on even the harshest of driving conditions. As the only contact with the road, it is of utmost importance to get the right set of tyres for your vehicle. Therefore to help you with your purchase of amazing tyres, we, at Rikfit Autocentre, provide an excellent range of Uniroyal Tyres Birmingham.Our experts stress on safety while driving; hence, they recommend you to drive to us for added support.

    Uniroyal Tyres manufacture dedicated tyres for various driving conditions. The tyres from Uniroyal greatly survives wet roads. The tyres come with exceptional tread designs that help in better water evacuations; thus, prevent aquaplaning. Uniroyal ensures that the roads remain safe for the motorist using it as well as for co-motorists. The company provides tyres for various kinds of vehicles, like SUV, passenger cars, vans, crossovers, etc.

    The tyres make use of, out of the box, tyre techs for enhanced road performance. One such technology used by Uniroyal Tyres is Shark Skin Technology. The technology assists in the efficient dispersal of water from the road. As the tyres are intentionally made strong, they offer good value for money. Uniroyal has perfected the art of manufacturing tyres. It is the experience of scientists and researchers involved in the facilities that it comes up with new tyre techs almost regularly. Most of the techs have inspired other companies as well for their revolutionary innovations.

    If you are intrigued by the quality standards and history of Uniroyal Tyres, don’t forget to check out our collection.

    Allow us to offer two of its best models available with us:

    Rain Sport 5

    If traction and performance are what you are looking for with your summer tyre, Rain Sport 5 is all you need. The grooves along with shark skin present in the tyres help in better water dissipation. As a result, the tyre is capable of preventing aquaplaning. The tread design is committed to reducing road noise as well.

    • Long tyre life for reduced expenses
    • Great handling and controlling
    • Reduction in fuel consumption

    MS Plus 77

    The tyre caters to winter driving requirements in the best ways possible. The tyre offers a reduction in the aquaplaning on snow-laden roads. Further, the tyre also significantly reduces the noise of the ride.

    • Enhanced road grip in wet and dry conditions
    • Excellent braking capabilities in cold weather
    • Outstanding wear patterns for longer life

    That is not all; our collection of exceptional tyres has just begun. To know more about the brands that we store at our garage, don’t forget to give us a call. Our experts, at RikfitAutocentre, will help you in choosing the right set of brilliant Uniroyal Tyres Birmingham.

    If you want to buy tyres online with us, follow the steps given below:

    • Locate the tyre finder tool at the top of the page.
    • Fill in the registration number or tyre specifications.
    • Select the model you like.
    • Enter the contact details.
    • Complete the payment and the purchased tyres will reach you in a matter of a few days.

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