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Are you looking for Car Service Birmingham for your vehicle?


Servicing a car involves a lot of vital aspects such as engine inspection, brakes check, suspension check, oil and filter change, tyre inspection, headlight check and many more. Generally, the number of components serviced on a vehicle depends upon the type of service that is chosen by the customer.

What is servicing?

The process of inspecting a vehicle and carrying out repairs if necessary to ensure the driver’s safety is known as car service Birmingham. Automotive experts inspect and service the car based on the suggestion of the vehicle manufacturers and the customer’s choice of interim service, full service, or major service. All of these services involves a different number of components. However, the time taken to service a vehicle depends upon its overall condition.

Getting a car service after every 12,000 miles or 1 year is vital to avoid any potential issues and car breakdown.

Benefits of servicing

Improved performances: Automotive experts service the car’s suspension, brakes and tyres. All of these parts are essential to improve the performance of a car.

Enhanced Car life: Regular car servicing takes care of the optimum health of the vehicle. This extends the car life by years.

Increased resale value: Customers with a regular and stamped service record get more resale value of the car as compared to a non-serviced vehicle.

MOT ready car: Depending upon the type of servicing, the car can get MOT ready as experts service every aspect of the vehicle carefully.

Better fuel-economy: Serviced car puts less stress on the engine and other components. This leads to less fuel consumption and increased savings.

Cost-effective: Detecting and repairing any issues prevent any potential component failure and saves the customer from replacement expenses.

Risks of driving a non-serviced car

  • Safety threat as the driver may incur several problems like loss of control and brake failure
  • Potential reason to fail the MOT test
  • Decreased performances and rust accumulation on different components
  • Additional fuel-expenses as the engine will take increased stress
  • Tyre replacement costs if the damage is not treated for a long time

List of main components inspected in servicing

  • Brakes
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Windscreen
  • Oil and Fuel Filter
  • Lights
  • Exhaust
  • Battery
  • Antifreeze
  • Power Steering

Why us?

Rikfit Autocentre has an experience of more than 52 years in carrying out precise car service Birmingham that people can rely on. Also, customers in Birmingham can always trust us for carrying our quick and efficient services that can help in reducing maintenance costs.

Visit us today and experience the best servicing by our experts. For more information, email to us, at autocentre@rikfit.com. You can also book an appointment by browsing through our servicing section on the website and entering your car’s license no and preferred service date.

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