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Vehicle Health Check

Vehicle health check is a 25 point visual inspection of the vehicle to determine its proper working conditions. The service give an inspection of some vital components like brakes, tyres, lights, fluid levels, exhaust condition, etc. While the inspection detects any potential issues within the vehicle's system, it does not carry out any repairs. Customers need to pay if they want to get additional repairs for the car.

What does a vehicle health check mean?

The process of inspecting some vital components that ensure the driver's safety is known as a vehicle health check. The check is performed based on a traffic light system. The procedure covers red light for urgent repairs, yellow light for moderate repairs, and a green light for a roadworthy car. While vehicle health checks are not mandatory by the law, it gives the customer a clear understanding of the vehicles condition.

Usually, customers prefer getting a vehicle health check Birmingham before going on a road trip to ensure the proper functioning of their car.

Benefits of getting a vehicle health check

Prevents any potential issues: Getting a thorough vehicle health check prevents any potential problems associated with brakes, vehicle fluids and any tyre condition or tyre pressures.

Cost-effective: Vehicle health checks also save money.

Ready for a long journey: Customers going on a long road trip should get a vehicle health check Birmingham to prevent any problems and experience a hassle-free trip.

Birmingham's first choice to get Vehicle Health Check

Rikfit Autocentre is preferred by the customers of Birmingham to avail top-notch vehicle health check that measures the efficiency and condition of their vehicles. Also, our experts are trained in carrying out efficient repairs, so any issues found in the vehicle health check can be repaired at our garage. 

If you want to know more about our services, email to us, at autocentre@rikfit.com. Customers can also call us, at 0121 451 1132.

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