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Are you looking for Exhaust Repair for your vehicle?


Did you know that your vehicle can fail the MOT test due to a faulty exhaust? It can happen if the exhaust is emitting harmful gases. It needs to be noted that an exhaust is a crucial component of a vehicle as it is responsible for regulation of harmful emissions. To produce the necessary power, fuel is burnt in the engine of the vehicle. The combustion of fuel results in the emission of gases like carbon monoxide that need to be converted to lesser toxic gases. This is where the exhaust of the vehicle comes in. At Rikfit Autocentre, we provide excellent exhaust repair Birmingham drivers have been looking for.

The exhaust system consists of numerous gas purifying components like the catalytic converter. It helps to oxidising carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide before releasing it to the environment.

To assist you with detecting exhaust problems, we've listed some signs that suggest your vehicle's exhaust needs to be checked:

Engine Noises

When the exhaust is unable to discharge the required amount of gases, the engine starts to growl. The reasons for blocking the passageway can vary but the result is the same. It is harmful to the engine on a long run. Therefore, our experts recommend you to get the exhaust service Birmingham, in case you hear any unusual noises from the engine.

Reduction in the fuel economy

The engine needs to perform properly to produce the required power. In case the exhaust fails to discharge the emitted gases, these gases start to interfere with the normal functioning of the engine. As a consequence, the fuel economy is reduced and the engine begins to consume more fuel than normal.

Deteriorating acceleration

As mentioned above, the engine helps a car with its power requirement and the exhaust assists it. Hence, if an exhaust is not working properly, the engine will have to do more work for the same power requirements. That will further decrease the overall acceleration capabilities of the vehicle.

Smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe

One of the best tell-sign of a faulty exhaust is the emission of coloured smoke out of the exhaust pipe. If the exhaust is emitting white smoke, it means that the coolant is getting leaked into the combustion chambers. Whereas, black smoke means that more fuel is getting consumed. Black smoke points out to the failure of an oxygen sensor.

Oxygen reduction

In case you find it hard to breathe in the passenger’s compartment, you should immediately stop using car. Make sure to get an expert’s help before it is too late. It might be possible that carbon monoxide is leaking from the exhaust system.

Drive your vehicle to us, today, if you are facing any of the problems mentioned above. You can also book an appointment with us, Rikfit Autocentre, for exceptional exhaust repair Birmingham.

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