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Innovation is the backbone of any industry without which the industry is going to fall in this fast-paced modern world. The tyre industry is no exception to this fact. Therefore, each tyre brands strive to be the best by coming up with innovative techs regularly. One such dependable brand is Davanti Tyres. The tyres from Davanti’s facilities make use of cutting edge research and manufacturing technologies. At Rikfit Autocentre, we put our complete faith in the skills and capabilities of Davanti Tyres Birmingham. Hence, we provide some of the best range of tyres to the motorists’ community.

Davanti is a brand that is focussed on producing tyres that dedicatedly serve their owner for long. The tyres are tested on various parameters to ensure that no malfunction occurs once the tyres go out of the facility. Davanti tests its tyres on more than 40 different principles. Some of which includes dry and wet braking, dry and wet handling, ice braking, snow handling, grass traction, gravel braking, and off-road steering, etc. Further, to test its tyres in various driving conditions, Davanti Tyres has five of the most advanced testing facilities.

The tyres are made with the intent of providing excellent traction on both wet and dry roads. Davanti caters to, both, performance and safety requirements of a vehicle. It takes individuality of a vehicle to the next levels. Therefore, it provides tyres that cater to the individual needs of a vehicle.

The tyres highly adhere to the value and quality standards of the company as well.

To help you with some of the best models of Davanti Tyre, allow us to offer the following products:


The tyre provides excellent all-weather driving performance. It comes with an exceptional asymmetrical tread pattern which offers the necessary traction along with superb performance. The tyre also provides unmatched straight-line grip. Further, cornering is made easy for better speed control in every driving conditions.

    • Highly fuel-efficient
    • Available in common sizes
    • Excellent detailing for better quality


The tyre is manufactured to cater to a wide range of SUV and crossover vehicles. DX740 imparts a quieter ride along with smoother road contact. Also, the tyre is known for its longevity and robust tread compound. The ride is made relatively comfortable with the use of DX740.

    • High load-bearing capabilities
    • Calmer than most of the other tyres in the price range
    • Effective responsiveness on the road

In case you wish to buy Davanti Car Tyres Birmingham for your car, don’t forget to drive it to us. At Rikfit Autocentre, we have an alluring collection of branded tyres that is sure to suffice your driving requirements.

If you want to buy tyres online with us, follow the steps given below:

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  • Fill in the registration number or tyre specifications.
  • Select the model you like.
  • Enter the contact details.
  • Complete the payment and the purchased tyres will reach you in a matter of a few days.
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