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Wheel alignment is a process of aligning the wheels perpendicular to the road. It needs to be noted that correct wheel alignment is imperative for your safety. At Rikfit Autocentre, we are proud to tell you that we offer the best wheel alignment Birmingham drivers have been looking for. Our experts use the Supertracker computer to ensure excellent wheel alignment services.

What is wheel alignment?

As mentioned above, wheel alignment is a process of aligning the wheels perpendicular to the ground. The wheels of a car provide the tyres with the necessary structure to run on the roads. With time, wheels tend to get misaligned and result in many issues related to tyres and suspension system. To eliminate such problems, wheels are realigned with every tyre change. Further, correct wheel alignment helps a car by ensuring even tread wear, increased fuel efficiency, and enhanced steering control.

Be sure to take your vehicle for wheel alignment Birmingham if you spot any of the following symptoms of bad alignment:

Vehicle pulling to one side

One of the signs of misaligned wheels is your vehicle pulling to one side of the road. The main reason for this to happen is uneven distribution of force among the tilted wheels. Pulling causes an unwanted disturbance in regular driving. It can also result in precarious situations on a busy motorway.

Reduction in fuel economy and performance

Wheels of a car utilise power from the engine to produce necessary rotatory motion. In case the wheels are not aligned, much of the power is wasted in dragging the dead weight of crooked wheels. This is accompanied with reduction in fuel economy. Wheel alignment also affects the suspension of a car. Because of misaligned wheels, the suspension components have to work more for providing required comfort.

Uneven tyre wear

As a natural compound, the rubber on tyres is bound to wear. But not every tyre wear is the same. Sometimes due to the malfunction in the components of a car, tyres develop uneven wear patterns. These patterns lead to increased wearing of the tyres. Uneven wearing of tyres further results in the failure of the MOT test. Therefore, our experts recommend you to meet us as soon as you discover the uneven wearing of tyres.

At Rikfit Autocentre, we effectively examine the wheels of a car with the help of our supertracker computer. Our experts take extra precautions to provide the accurate wheel alignment Birmingham drivers require. In case you want to know more, make sure to give us a call. Our experts are always present to help you.

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