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Firestone Tyres

    Tyres are considered as the lifeforce of your vehicle. This is because they are the primary point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Moreover, tyres are also designed to ensure your safety and luxury on the road. However, not all tyres are able to live up to the mark of an ideal tyre. Therefore, it is very crucial that you buy a branded set of tyres Birmingham from a reputable manufacturer. One such company is known as Firestone tyre and rubber company. The brand is a subsidiary of Bridgestone tyres.

    We, at Rikfit Autocentre, are known for our reliable services and products. Therefore, we store some of the best Firestone tyres that are guaranteed to take your driving experience to a new level.

    If you are wondering why Firestone tyres is an ideal choice for you, allow us to make you aware of its journey and some of its fantastic models.

    Firestone’s journey in the automotive sector

    Firestone is a wonderfull American tyre manufacturing company that was founded by Harvey Firestone in 1900 for providing its customers with solid rubber and wire tyres. Firestone Tyres Birmingham are an ideal choice of customers for driving smoothly on icy, dry, and wet roads. The brand is also known for supplying excellent firestone tyres Birmingham for wagons, buggies, and pneumatic tyres in the 1900s.

    Later on, Bridgestone tyres bought Firestone tyres in 1988.

    The brand is an ideal choice of premium carmaker JEEP for fitting its tyres as original equipment on its vehicles.

    In case you are intrigued to know about some amazing models of Firestone tyres, allow us to help you with it.

    Some of the best Firestone tyres sold by us

    Destination Winter

    As the name suggests, Destination winter is an ideal choice of customers for driving on rods laden with heavy snow and ice. Moreover, the tyre also helps to increase your overall comfort on the road with the addition of reduced fuel consumption.

    Excited to know more? Here are some advantages of buying Firestone Destination Winter

    Advantages of buying Firestone Destination Winter

    • Amazing vehicle control and stability on icy roads
    • Nano-pro tech compound for achieving short braking distances on slippery roads
    • Enhanced comfort and luxury with a bump-free ride

    Multiseason GEN 02

    Multiseason GEN 02 is designed to work on a year-long basis. Whether you need to drive on icy roads with enhanced traction or dry roads with superior stability, you should definitely buy Multiseason GEN 02

    If you want to know more about the perks of buying Multiseason GEN 02, be our guest.

    Perks of buying Firestone Multiseason GEN 02

    • Excellent braking performance on dry and wet roads
    • 3PMSF certification to help you drive smoothly on hilly roads with snow
    • Improved mileage as it puts less stress on the engine

    If you are interested in buying these tyres Birmingham online, following some steps and get your favourite tyre delivered from our garage.

    Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered from us

    • Input your vehicle’s license no or tyre’s size in our tyre finder
    • Add your desired tyre to the basket
    • Input your contact information
    • Complete the payment and leave the rest to our team.

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