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Coolant Change

Coolant change refers to flushing out the older engine coolant from the coolant system of the vehicle and filling it with a new one. The service is vital to ensure the driver’s safety and a long engine life. Also, it prevents the car’s engine from overheating as a low coolant level can raise the engine’s temperature to above manufacturers recommendations.

What is a coolant change?

The process of replacing the old engine coolant with a fresh mix of water and antifreeze liquid is known as coolant change Birmingham. Generally, automotive experts perform this service by removing the radiator cap and flushing the coolant carefully. Once, this step is complete, the new coolant is filled in by following manufacturer guidelines. It is vital to ensure that the coolant or antifreeze is mixed with distilled water before filling it in the radiator.

According to industry standards, it is recommended to change the engine coolant after every 30,000 miles depending on car manufacturer instructions.

Benefits of getting a coolant change

Rust prevention: Flushing out the old coolant also takes away the rust and dirt deposits along with it. It is vital to remove the rust from the car’s coolant system to avoid overheating and vehicle breakdown.

Extended water pump life: A new engine coolant also brings along certain additives that help to lubricate the engine’s water pump and improve its lifespan.

Prevents acidic freezing: Driving a car with an old coolant makes it acidic in nature and causes issues with the vehicle system. Coolant replacements prevent such problems.

Proper inspection: Coolant change also brings along a complete inspection of the cooling system to detect any leakages or issues that might arise.

Dangers of driving a vehicle with old coolant

      • Overheating of engine and vehicle breakdown
      • Reduces the engine and radiator lifespan
      • Increased replacement expenses if not treated on time
      • Decreased car performances and stoppages
      • Reduced resale value for the car

The garage to get it all

Rikfit Autocentre is an efficient and reliable garage to get top-notch coolant change Birmingham. We host the best and trained experts that can complete the coolant change in the best time possible.

Looking to know more about our coolant change service? Email to us, at autocentre@rikfit.com.

For booking an appointment, browse through our coolant change section on the website and enter your vehicles registration number. Once you complete this step, proceed to select your preferred service date.

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