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Are you looking for Brake Fluid Replacement for your vehicle?


Performing routine checks for the levels of brake fluid is an important aspect in road safety. A motorist is generally recommended to examine the level on a regular basis according to usage. If the level is not up to the minimum mark, you can drive your vehicle to us and we will provide the required refill. Rikfit Autocentre is a known stop for brake fluid replacement Birmingham and nearby areas. The experts, at Rikfit Autocentre, are skilled to perform full flushing of the brake fluid and topping the levels up with new fluid.

Why brake fluid is important?

Braking system alone can’t generate the required force to stop a vehicle. The system needs an extra hydraulic pressure to push the pads against the rotating brake discs and complete the braking process. This additional pressure is provided by the brake fluid present in the reservoir.

Why should you get the brake fluid replaced?

Being hygroscopic in nature, brake fluid absorbs the moisture present in the braking system. The moisture, in turn, adversely affects the performance of the braking system. Therefore, as per the recommendations of car manufacturers, brake fluid should be replaced after every two years.

Why does the level of brake fluid decease?

It is common for the brake fluid levels to decrease in a car as brake pads and brake shoes wear. But if the level is decreasing at a rapid pace, it may be pointing to leak issues. As the fluid is circulated for enhancing the piston’s pressure, a leak can occur anywhere in the whole braking system. If you are also experiencing such unwanted rapid decrease in the fluid level, don’t forget to meet the experts, at Rikfit Autocentre.

In case the brake pedal of your car feels spongy, don’t wait for an accident to happen. Call us immediately for expert assistance. You can also visit us if the level of the fluid has decreased to the minimum mark. To know more about brake fluid replacement Birmingham, contact us. Our experts are always present to help you in an emergency. To meet us today, book an appointment now.

You can drive your vehicle to us on Mon-Fri 08:30 AM till 6:00 PM and Sat: 08:30 AM till 1:30 PM. Also, you can contact us via email at autocentre@rikfit.com. We would love to hear from you. Your feedback is valuable to us. It helps us grow and serve our customers in a better way.

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