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Air conditioning is a vital part of a vehicle that ensures optimum comfort. It works in coordination with the coolant, condenser, and a network of tubes to let out cold air into a vehicle. However, just like other components of a car this needs to be serviced, even the air-conditioning system needs to be re-gassed regularly.

What is air conditioning re-gas

Air conditioning re-gas is the process of replacing the old AC refrigerant with a new and fresh one. Generally, the process takes up to one hour, but it may vary sometimes. The procedure begins with testing the pressure in the low side pressure port that is located near the engine bay with an ‘L’ marking on it. Once, the pressure port is found, a refrigerant dispenser and pressure gauge are used to replace the coolant and fill in the new one. 

Automotive experts advise customers to re-gas their car’s AC after every two years or if they face any significant issues like hot or no air from the AC.

Benefits of getting an AC Re-gas

Increased Savings: Detecting and repairing air conditioning issues prevents any further complications and saves you additional replacement expenses if re-gassed on time.

Improved comfort: Re-gassing the air conditioning system ensures a proper flow of cold air inside the vehicle and enhances the overall comfort of the driver and passengers.

Enhanced car value: Maintaining and re-gassing the car’s AC increases the overall value of your vehicle by providing extra comfort and luxury to the customer.

What happens if I do not re-gas the Air Conditioner

If a customer does not re-gas his car’s AC, it will lead to the AC letting out hot air and reduced comfort levels in summers. Also, an inefficient car AC leads to difficulties in demisting the windows in winters as well. 

A wonderful garage to get AC re-gas service in Birmingham

Rikfit Autocentre is a trusted garage among the people of Birmingham and nearby areas for availing re-gas service of Air Conditioning Birmingham in the best prices. 

For more information, you can email us at If you wish to book an appointment with us, simply enter your car’s license no. on our AC re-gas section on the website. 

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